Fire Dragon Studios is a US-based game studio focused on bringing fun and interactive multiplayer content to gamers. We’re currently developing Kingdoms of Marazia, an MMORTS for PC with future releases for mobile, SteamVR, and Xbox. Kingdoms of Marazia is being developed by a two-person team.

Garrett (Siedge) is the owner and founder of Fire Dragon Studios, and the main designer of Kingdoms of Marazia. He is almost always deeply entrenched in networking code, managing the game servers and balancing game mechanics. Basically he does stuff.

Kelly (ursamajor) is the front-end developer on the Kingdoms of Marazia project. Her primary responsibilities involve UI design and implementation, 3D modeling, and writing front-end code for the game client. Outside of the project, her life consists of finishing up her degree, hanging out with her dog, and canoeing. She’s located in North Carolina.

Contact Us

Want to get in touch with us? We're very active on Discord. Join our Discord server to talk to the devs and to other Kingdoms of Marazia players:

Or you can reach us at one of the following email addresses:

Or you can find us on Twitter at @PlayFireDragon