I actually recorded footage of building the new case but in the end decided not to do anything with it (sorry!).¬†However I figure I’ll show it off just to make myself feel a bit better about the whole thing, I’ll also run some tests to see if it has made any significant impact on temperatures.

That is what my main rig has looked like for quite a while now. Previously it laid on a carpet floor(bad), and before that it was mounted in a fish tank waiting on mineral oil which I decided against doing, but we won’t get into all those transitions.

First I ended up taking it all apart and laying everything everywhere.. (By the time I finished there was a SSD laying in the bathroom??) I have a huge tote full of Legos that I separated all of the 2x4s into their own separate bag, and left everything else together. Now I only wanted to use 2x4s for this whole project because anything less and it gets annoying, one thing breaks and the rest starts falling apart.

Now I realized I wouldn’t have enough Legos to do the entire case with a top and all so my goal with this was just to get enough Legos to cover the fans and get everything in place. Since there wouldn’t be a top I ended up going with a fan configuration of all the fans pointing inwards that way as we all know, heat rises. Cool air gets pumped in and the hot air will rise out of the case and go into the rest of the room.

Finished product!! (Mostly) + Wabbit Tax! Pretty straightforward build, I ended up putting the case on a piece of plywood I cut to size just big enough to have ‘handles’ on the sides.

So did it work?

So I had ran BurnInTest before setting it up with the computer case and after, now I left the fan speeds on auto so this doesn’t show the exact change while running at certain percentages, I just worked with a difference at auto (fan gets faster as it gets hotter) and the results were quite nice

Without Case: 74 C
With Case: 68 C

So yes! It did, quite well for what it is. I wasn’t expecting anything insane, I stripped the case fans off a bunch of old computers I had for a while. This should hold me off for quite a while in terms of cases.