After weeks upon weeks of promising updates and then failing to deliver I finally have some good news! An update has arrived at last! So I’m going to make this rather simple and showcase what has been completed so far and then touch a little bit on what you can expect from our next update.. So without further ado (always wanted to say that)… Here are the features completed so far!


Now currently it’s not in its “Final State”, but to be a bit silly I thought it would be funny if until everything is finished and I reach a point where it’s ready for some more realistic cutting effects I could have the logs fall from the sky. A part of me wanted to leave it this way but I’m not sure how that one would work out in the long run 😉


Just like woodcutting the proper mining animations as well as the core system of chipping and random chances has not yet been implemented, however I think the general concept still showcases what you will be getting and how simple it will be, not really much to say here.


Physics are pretty straightforward, there are a lot of things I have had to get working in-line and everything (Currently there is actually a bug where all the logs start flying in random directions at random moments.. But let’s ignore that) but as you see pretty straightforward, even when we get to the wagon.. Which reminds me.. on to the wagon!!


The amazing wagon! It was quite hard to show that it worked really well because when you walk with it you generally should be looking forward not towards the wagon. I guess you will just have to believe me it works 😉

What to expect in the future

So with that I guess I shall conclude on what to expect in the future from us..

*absolutely nothing*

I actually plan on doing more then updates on the game. I am currently working on a video about a new computer case I built out of something I found around the house *wink wink* and hope to have that uploaded sometime this week.  On terms of the game I am working on a crafting and building system that I seem to be hitting issues with at every turn so you will have to be patient about that one, after we get those systems done.. ON TO MULTIPLAYER!!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at