Kingdoms of Marazia: Ships! A tad delayed but finally here!

We didn't quite make our usual friday release schedule, but we do have a bit more in store than last week, so hopefully it makes up for it!

New features:
  • New building added: Dock
  • New unit added: Caravel
  • Armor now shows in hover tooltip.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed default location saved as "Castle" when it should be "Keep"
  • Pressing M while making a bookmark no longer brings up the map.
  • Rally points no longer disallow other commands while unit is moving.
  • Duplicate unit bug caused my moving the camera around while unit is moving is fixed.
  • Fixed bug causing terrain to move when a unit cannot go through a mine.
  • Fixed "Chunk flashing" when near the edge of the world.
  • Unit information now updates more regularly, reducing chance of seeing "Null" when unit is owned by a player.
  • Fixed minimap loading issues.

Kingdoms of Marazia: A world map!

One update this week, but it's probably one of the most helpful updates of the week! A world map

The world map doesn't have a bunch of crazy features, as it stands it's just a world map that you can look and pan around, however in future updates we are hoping to have things like clicking to jump to a location, hovering on areas for more information and other things of the sort!

Kingdoms Of Marazia: Despite what people say.. size does matter, army size.

It's been a slow week, but things have still gotten done. Plus many more things to come! I promise!
New features:
  • Blood splatters on unit death lasting 24 hours and denoting whos unit died.
  • Units now take time to be made. No more pumping out armies in a matter of seconds.
  • Units can now be queued up for creation (Allowing one unit type per building at a time)
  • Buildings can now have rally points set, units will automatically walk to this point upon creation.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug caused by mines being created from the inside.
  • Fixed news sidebar formatting errors.

Kingdoms Of Marazia: Updates, updates, and.. more updates?

So I know I've been slacking off on writing these, but they definitely should become more regular as I realize the importance of them. Today we have quite a bit of things to share!
New features:
  • Map expansion: map grew 1.8 times larger. (Hoping to grow it 6.25x larger very soon)
  • Seamless worlds! No longer do you need to use a portal to travel from one area to another, seamless worlds has your back! The world is one giant connected beautiful land!
  • Added attack button for destroying units like bridges that can also be walked on. Default action towards bridges is movement.
  • Added location panel for jumping to locations and different realms in the game. As well as the ability to save locations.
  • Automatic castle location entry for new players in their location panel.
  • TRADING! Trading has been added to the game and can be accessed via the emissary.
  • Towers (and other units with the ability to auto target enemies) now attack the closest unit!
  • Units and buildings now have an upkeep cost of 5% of the purchase cost. If unable to be paid, unit decays by 5% of max health.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed units having to be reselected after one dies.
  • Mines no longer move way underground when destroyed.
  • Damage numbers now add up, rather than appear on top of each other making them unreadable.
  • Unit list in menu is now more accurate (Updates hourly)
  • Random areas of the map not loading has now been fixed
  • Mines no longer sometimes take up to 24 hours to begin producing.
  • Units no longer get stuck at the left bottom corner of castles.
  • Minimap location is now properly centered.

Kingdoms Of Marazia is now live on steam!

Kingdoms of Marazia is now live on steam! You can find more information (and possibly purchase a copy?) at the link below:
Seriously, buy a copy!