Kingdoms of Marazia final beta test live tomorrow!

Final beta test goes live tomorrow (July 30th) it will go until August 3rd.
We are looking for feedback before we officially release it on August 6th, So if you are interested in getting a key and checking it out join our discord:
Also we now have a steam page for those interested! You can find it at:

Kingdoms Of Marazia is now live on steam!

Kingdoms of Marazia is now live on steam! You can find more information (and possibly purchase a copy?) at the link below:
Seriously, buy a copy!

Kingdoms Of Marazia: Updates, updates, and.. more updates?

So I know I've been slacking off on writing these, but they definitely should become more regular as I realize the importance of them. Today we have quite a bit of things to share!
New features:

  • Map expansion: map grew 1.8 times larger. (Hoping to grow it 6.25x larger very soon)
  • Seamless worlds! No longer do you need to use a portal to travel from one area to another, seamless worlds has your back! The world is one giant connected beautiful land!
  • Added attack button for destroying units like bridges that can also be walked on. Default action towards bridges is movement.
  • Added location panel for jumping to locations and different realms in the game. As well as the ability to save locations.
  • Automatic castle location entry for new players in their location panel.
  • TRADING! Trading has been added to the game and can be accessed via the emissary.
  • Towers (and other units with the ability to auto target enemies) now attack the closest unit!
  • Units and buildings now have an upkeep cost of 5% of the purchase cost. If unable to be paid, unit decays by 5% of max health.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed units having to be reselected after one dies.
  • Mines no longer move way underground when destroyed.
  • Damage numbers now add up, rather than appear on top of each other making them unreadable.
  • Unit list in menu is now more accurate (Updates hourly)
  • Random areas of the map not loading has now been fixed
  • Mines no longer sometimes take up to 24 hours to begin producing.
  • Units no longer get stuck at the left bottom corner of castles.
  • Minimap location is now properly centered.