About us

Fire Dragon Studios is a Game Development Studio focused on bringing fun and interactive multiplayer VR content to gamers. We're a small studio and we hope to stay that way, one of our main views is any project with more than 5 or 6 people is just a waste, and any game you wouldn't spend as much time playing as you spent developing you shouldn't be working on.

Quality > Quantity

The biggest reason for starting Fire Dragon Studios was that game companies have changed a lot since most of us got into gaming, most companies used to focus on putting out one quality game, but instead now a lot of companies have found that it's far more profitable to put out many games or have many things up for purchase (micro-transactions), so they push them out as quickly as possible and the support life seems to end at release. So we plan on being different, and having much longer development and support cycles for our games.

We also value quality over quantity in our hiring process, you'll often find five experienced well intentioned and hard working people will outperform one hundred lazy people of any experience level, which is why we believe in keeping our numbers low and our quality high.


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